by Fugli Troll

DeVia Dirkdancer standingIs that funny?

Do you fail to see the humor in this comic strip? Don't worry, you are probably not a rarity. DeViations was originally written for a very specific group of role playing gamers who enjoyed the RPGA sanctioned campaign of the Living City of Ravens Bluff. The characters and concepts originally depicted reflected game humor often very specific to that campaign.

Some things have changed since that beginning concept. DeVia herself has grown and outdistanced the Living City campaign. She has left Ravens Bluff behind in order to expand the scope of her comic. She still makes the gamer gags, but her own campaign is in a wider venue than the limited scope first intended.

Something may have struck a humorous chord at a convention or during a game conversation, and I just decided that DeVia should immortalize it in this format. Gamers seem to share a language all their own, a language in which DeVia is fluent.

The character of DeVia herself is sort of a self styled icon of the Living City campaign that I originally developed as an attempted humorous response to something someone said several years ago at a game convention. (The circle of in jokes just keeps perpetuating itself). If you are unfamiliar with her, try imagining a Renaissance version of Madonna, always skirting the edge of propriety and usually at the center of controversy. Double entendres are usually her mightiest weapon.

Often when a joke has to be explained, it's just not funny anymore. I hope that isn't entirely true with this strip.

Still not funny? Sorry, I can't help you there.

Fugli Troll

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