by Fugli


Hello all you writers and artists out there. I would like you to join me in my little endeavor of fame and fortune. You know how much I love to see myself in print, so I am asking you to become part of my dream.

I am actively soliciting your participation in making me the most drawn, painted, and written about character in all of the RPGA and beyond, and I need you to help me achieve that dream. You can tell quite a lot about me by delving through my web site, so please take your time and do so. When you think you really know me, then immortalize me with whatever medium you see fit so that I can post your image or story on my site. Get as wild or tame as you like, and I will see about finding a place to post your work. I have now opened my Dungeon of Desire (gallery), and I wish to continue collecting pieces to place within it.

Since the fantasy world that I live in does not deal in standard world currency, your reward will have to be my undying gratitude. (You should feel free to post your own writings and pictures wherever else you see fit, or create links to them on my site if you like.) Please make sure any files you send are in a format that will translate across the internet easily, and e-mail them to

[Please note that I have solicited work across the net, so when you send it, please include your full name and any URLs or e-mail addresses you would like to have associated with the image. I will have a byline placed with the image noting your copyright as well.]

Thank you in advance for your time and effort,


Race: Half-Elf

Age: 23

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 90 lbs.

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale


Other character notes:

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