by Fugli

I have finally finished DeVia. You were so patient lying there as you were. I must say, I could never stay still such as you did! But you can move now and stretch your aching dancer legs while you come over and peer at my accomplishment. If you have trouble seeing this, please do not hesitate to tell me. If you see any problems, I beg you to not hold your mouth to that as well. Oh, please, put your gold away, it's useless to me. Yes, I know I must learn the ways of the city but I still do not quite understand the worth of such metals. They make excellent jewelry if you are skilled, and fine tambourines that ring like a clear sunrise. I just take satisfaction in heightening my talents and just hope to get by, usually by what nature has blessed me with. Just buy me a meal, and possibly a small glass of wine, or two, as we tell each other tales of extraordinary adventure and talk the talk with the kind of open warmness that is much missed from my gypsy caravans. We might sing together and entertain each other, if such is alight to you. Ah, why are we still staying in this stuffy studio, let us be off now and enjoy ourselves!

May your legs always bless you with sculpting music to life!

By Tarial

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