DeVia's Tome of

Knightly Love Sonnets
Knightly Love Sonnets

Herein are expressed the true inner feelings that DeVia's knights passionately share for her. If you are interested in knighthood, you will either need to be sponsored into the order by another knight or contact DeVia herself.

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DeVia How Doth Thee Compare

Ever the fairest flower doth compare?
Vague the reference remains unrivaled,
In most gracious soliloquy revealed,
All flowers fall far from truth in despair.

Does challenge come from sunset or daybreak?
If ever more deserving similes,
Respected e'en your fractioned faintest smile,
Keep watch, their own domains would seem more fake.

Did the heavens shine so beautif'ly bright?
And again such cannot illuminate,
Nor chase her barest visage from my pate;
Could a day so boldly compare to night?

End your days chasing a meaningless fare;
Rest in assurance of DeVia's care.

Knight of the Second Circle Zzyx Femur (Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder)

Frodo's Sonnet

Your hair, as black as a raven's feathers
Your eyes, as violet as a lily flower
Your skin, paler than the Alabaster towers
Your face, as bright as the sunniest weather

You may be of the great half-elven race
And I may be of the lowly hobbit one
But that doesn't mean that our friendship is done
Quite contrary, it gives us a chance to embrace

I met you in the TSR Chat Rooms
And as soon as my cyber eyes saw you
I knew that our wholesome love would be true
I knew that our love went higher than the moon

So I grant you my devotion and care
So let us see how our love will fare

Knight of the First Circle Frodo Gamgee (James Ladd)

Halfelvin Born She Is

Halfelvin born she is
Eyes of Violet, Lips to Kiss
Hair as Black as a Raven's Wing
Voice so sweet, Twas ment to sing

Skin as Pale as a new born Moon
Manners to Make any Man swoon
Life to be Lived, Love to be found
Feelings I thought lost, she makes abound

A flower she is, This Lady Dirkdancer
To be cherished and nurtured
And to whom daily praises sung

To dance her heart away
I can but try
For my heart she did steal
And want it back I do not
For to serve her is my only wish
and maybe, just maybe to steal from her a Kiss.

In your service I wished to be
In your service I shall Remain
In my heart you did dance
In my soul thee remain,
In my heart i love thee dear,
in my words I praise thee still,
for me this is all I am
and all I shall ever be
a slave to your love
never wanting to be free.
Violet on Blue
Eye to Eye
From the deepest oceans
To the Highest Sky
My Heart to Thine
Our Souls Entwined
Untill Time Itself
Brings Mountains Down

Knight of the Second Circle Askelon (Ralph M. Layton)


Hawk's Poem

Many a knight
Has fought through the night
With trumpets a'blare
With thoughts that they might
Receive a devious stare
From the foot of DeVia's stair

Hawk, a rouge mercenary
Heard this in a town called Turly
And thought it a tale very merry
Told exclusively by the man named Curly

So having a drink poured
He went to the man, looking bored
And found the man a great cancer
After drawing his sword
He said, "I've asked ye a question, now answer!"
The man replied, "Her name as I remember is Dirkdancer!"

Having heard she would marry
He got a great notion
Purchased a canary
And made haste across the ocean

After the voyage he traveled day and night
But a farmer told Hawk of his plight
He had found an ugly owlbear
Whose stomach was tight
Had slashed and made a big tear
In the farmers favorite old mare!

Gallant and bold
Hawk was quite swift
What happened shan't be told
Except that he lost his small gift.

With canary no more
Hawk wandered through a moor
He found something quite rare
So he searched for a keeper of lore
Whom he found in a chair
That had lots of hair

It was found to be quite rare
A magic bird that could soar
Keep it with great care
Or you will become quite poor

Hawk put it in his coat
And walked out past a goat,
Fell over a boar,
And into a boat
And the coat tore
And ouch! He was sore.

He went into a keep
That had a great moat
And fell into a great heap.
Ack! He wished he'd wrote!

For there was DeVia, Dirkdancer no more
Not only that, but with servants four!
Not having a gift or any hoard
He was so stunned by what she wore
That he offered her his magnificent sword
And ignored the local lord

He was glad she had married
A great man with heart so pure
But was sorry he had tarried
Elsewise he'd've made the weddin' fer sure!

This pathetic rhyme so blue
Is unfortunately so true,
And amazingly rated stars four
By none other than Al Gore.

Knight of the Second Circle TSRO Hawk (Patrick Teague)

Dur Sul's Sonnet

A whispered shadow in the still of night.
Searching Dreamland to see what I find.
Raven hair drifts in the dreams of my mind.
Violet eyes flash briefly before my sight.

Back into the mists when I try to look.
Knowing smile flashes before my face.
Another nightmare of this dream-bound place?
Like the no-eyed man, or flesh eating book?

A slim figure forms before where I stand.
A Lady formed from my deepest of dreams.
Dark tales of quests are not all that they seem.
I bow down low, then rise at her command.

After great long quest found my Lady fair.
Mind and Blade so sharp that none can compare.

Knight of the Second Circle DurSul (Ray D)

Syrrion's Sonnet

My love cannot be expressed with mere words,
My need for thee is greater than life,
I pang myself through many toils and strife,
You are my guiding light within this world.

To me you are the celestial sun,
My life revolving ever around thee,
Without your love I will never be free,
A long hard torment to never be done.

So I stand before thee eyes full of hope,
I wish not my love be unrequited,
My love for thee will not be subsided,
A life without you I do not wish to cope.

Please say you love me for I do love you,
For I know that we should be one and not two.

Knight of the First Circle Syrrion Soulblade (Nick Alaniz)

Griswald's Sonnet

Your hair shines like the midnight sky
Enhanced by your lovely violet eyes
When I talk to you I can not lie
For I fear the day when you say good bye

Will our love work and are blood mix
For our children shall have your grace
From me they shall learn to fix
So that they may fix our world our place

I see you in my dreams every night
Even when you are away I can see
I see us in each others arms in flight
I knew we where meant to be

I shall always be your Knight in Shining Armor
Even though I am only your simple Farmer

Knight of the First Circle Griswald (Stephen Rill)

The Flower of Love

Have you ever noticed the way a flower blossoms?
How it starts from the ground and grows towards the sky.
How the Leaves are always the first to be seen..
Or the way it blossoms in the winter or the summer, fall or spring?
It has a way of catching your eye with that special little gleam.

Ever notice the way its petals close in the Eve and bloom in the Morn.
Or the way it always stays beautiful all through the day.

Why is the Flower of love a "Rose"?
Why not a lily, a daisy or a sunflower you suppose..

Maybe it's because a Rose can say so many things without saying a word.
The flower of Love is so pretty, its beauty so rare.
A Rose is so delicate, just like ones heart must be nurtured with care.

A heart needs food and water just like the Rose.
Its food is the love it is given and its water is the tears it every so often holds.

I never really understood why a rose has thorns till I tried to pick one up and was pricked my its thorn.

It hurt and I bleed just as my heart always does.
The thorns to a rose is like a wall we build to protect ourselves. Its protection is sincere, not meant to hurt someone, just meant to warn them
of the delicacy of the Rose.
I couldn't help but be so endearing to this rose despite its thorns.
I tried to imagine it was my heart in my hands.

The Flower of Love so delicate and so true,
beautiful and gentle, an aroma so sweet as you.
Brightens ones day whenever they're blue.
When given a rose there's no need to Say "I LOVE YOU"
because it speaks for you.

So whenever you feel your falling in love Always remember your heart is as delicate as "The flower of Love".

Nurture it gently and care for it so because that perfect rose is hard to find but that perfect love is hard to hold.

Knight of the First Circle Jaern Lightfang (Noel)

Touborg's Sonnet

Sweet Devia, exotic Terpsichore.
This soul of mine besot with love for you,
I pledge upon my oath as dwarf is true.
Hear me, raven-tressed goddess, I implore.

I place before you all my noble work.
Stab not this faithful heart with sad refuse,
But grant me, oh Devia, darling muse,
A Knighthood in the regal Dancing Dirk.

Elfin Aphrodite, accept my vow;
The life I pledged to Raven's Bluff before
Is also pledged to you, yet even more:
Eternal honor to you I endow,

And swear thee evermore my faithful troth,
And sign my name in true love's numbers lost.

Knight of the First Circle Touborg Tavern Trasher (Robert E. Burns #143693)

Warbridge's Sonnet

She with hair of ebon winged night,
A vision of dark delight so fair,
And of her skin so pale as moonlight,
Dancing through life with nary a care.

Feline grace in lithesome form,
She waltzes across the stage,
With lips so soft smiling warm,
Dazzling all at tender age.

With a wit as sharp edged as her name,
Her laughter mirrors violet eyes,
Can any truly comprehend her game?
Or are the looks not really lies?

Are you angel or the devil my dear,
Whichsoever you are, I shall not fear.

Knight of the First Circle Warbridge Di'Shordes (Scott Hartman)

Arenthon's Sonnet

O Mystic lady, fair in beauty, you are:
Enchantment's power, love's deepest hour,
passions flowing, as midnight's gloaming
heart of fire, fount of desire

spinning blades, taste blood of knaves
graceful might, as dragon's flight
moonlight falling, on dark forests calling
eyes of violet, as lightning violent

taste of bliss, like storm's windswept kiss
point of glory, heart's burning story
helpless delight, like endless night
dark raven's hair, await me there

on marble tower; my calling of her
stirs the magick, flowing onward.

Knight of the First Circle Arenthon

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