by Fugli Troll


Name: Tess
Race: Alu-Fiend (demon)

Origin: Tess wed an adventurer from Ravens Bluff in a marriage arranged by her mother. At first she had hoped to be accepted in the city, but intolerance prevailed and she was forced to use her natural shape shifting abilities just to survive. She has found a friend in DeVia Dirkdancer who has allowed Tess to stay with her at least for a while. Since DeVia knows first hand what it is to be both captive and unwelcome stranger, the two are kindred spirits in that regard.

Motivations: Tess is actually an evil character but she hides it well. She genuinely likes DeVia (Who's mischievous streak has been called worse things than 'evil' in the past) and tolerates Marigold because of her battle prowess. She has given up looking for her estranged husband, who seems to have made himself scarce.

Powers: Tess is a rather powerful magic wielder, most of which manifests itself as natural abilities. She uses her shape changing powers to augment her natural beauty or fierceness as she desires. She can fly with or without her wings.

Normal "Tower" look

Since Tess can change her form almost at will, she can assume a variety of shapes in a brief amount of time. Generally, she does not change her form in front of humans since the disconcerting effect that it has bothers many. Tess is less concerned for the well being of others than one might think, but she does fear the reaction others may have should they witness her change appearance. Experience has taught her that it is best to make such personal alterations in private.

Chibi Tess

Slumming with humans on the beach look

Tess' preferred face

Less alarming