by Fugli Troll

Meet some of the characters used or planned for use in this strip:

DeVia Tess and Marigold

Character Notes:

Model Notes:

DeVia Dirkdancer
I hope everyone already knows DeVia. Although she maintains that she is a lover and not a fighter, her preferred weapon is still a scimitar. Her spiked bands and necklace are a constant visual reminder that fans are invited to look, but not to touch. Known for her smug and roguish nature, some people have characterized her in less than endearing terms. Her original character sheet asked for six adjectives to describe her personality. My original notes still hold true today: spunky, unpredictable, infuriating, cute, tease, mercurial.

DeVia is represented here with a model that I constructed of her using poser 3 software by grafting sections from several shared models and creating some hybrid morphs for some of her proportions and to create her face and ears. I've added hair extensions to this rendering for a fuller cascade of hair down her back. I do use a couple of different models of this character, but this one is the easiest to use for most circumstances since I don't have to worry about the model's clothing slipping off during manipulation. I do have another model of DeVia for use with Poser 4, but most poser clothing is built for bustier women, so it takes some interesting scaling to make most of it fit.

Some Living City Characters have met Tess. Heck, a whole bunch of them have married her. In one module there's a predicament where it is easiest to extract the adventuring party from a bad situation by agreeing to a marriage of convenience. The Groom in this case ends up with a certificate that indicates that he is now married to an Alu-fiend. It further goes on to state just how bad a thing this can be. I remember reading quite a lot of posts over this controversy on a living city e-mail list, and DeVia does know a character who has this bride. DeVia is more likely to get along with Tess than her husband.

This model is just a scaled back version of a figure titled Exode female that I found for download through Renderosity. I took some clothing and hair from other sites and figures to cover her a bit. A lot goes on in the streets of Ravens Bluff, but the RPGA would come looking for me if I populated it with nude fiends and the like. I think that I've seen this skin texture for downlaod before, but this figure had horn and knee spike morphs as well.

This character is actually a combination of characters who have befriended DeVia online. Most of the information that I have on them is second hand, but they seemed to interact well in chat rooms, so I combined them into DeVia's best friend.

This is another hybrid character drawn from different sources. The base character for Glorianna is a figure simply titled, female fighter located in the character download section of the poser propsguild. I removed the cloak and helm form that figure and then switched out her hair. Toning down her face morph just a little helped soften the Valkyrie look of this figure too. I think that the hair makes her look a bit like Scully from the X-files.

Censorship Fairy

Censorship Fairy
This annoyingly endearing creature represents the RPGA's code of conduct guidelines. Something that gets talked about a lot, but is followed less often than one would think. When things start getting a bit racy at a gaming table, one of us can often be heard mumbling.... "Dear R - P - G - A. You'll never believe what I encountered at [fill in the blank]." I know the tattle tale attitude is juvenile, but it's usually funny at the time.

The body on this one is a straight poser nude female. Some of the body parts are scaled a bit off the norm, and there's a bit of a cutsy morph on the head. The wings are straight from Bushi's model site.

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