DeVia Captured By Enemy

It has been reported that during undisclosed reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines that noted Ravens Bluff exotic dancer DeVia Dirkdancer was taken captive by enemy troops. Government officials have expressed their regrets, but refused to further comment, stating only that her capture was a matter of utmost military secrecy.

As a child of our fair city, DeVia has come for many to embody the true Ravens Bluffian spirit of hard toil and quick wit. A scholar of our traditional and interpretive dances herself, she will be missed by more than just the artistic community. Ever youthful DeVia even now symbolizes what we of the City of Ravens Bluff fight to protect, our culture and our children.

Reports from the front state that DeVia Dirkdancer was taken as a prisoner of war during a highly secretive mission behind enemy lines. Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos declined official comment stating that speaking of the matter might compromise Ravens Bluff security. We can only hope that DeVia has found some way to survive in the hands of our oppressors. If anyone has the talent for that, surely it is DeVia.

Fellow performer Godebo Lumpfish has gone on the record stating that the entire cast of "Court of Thieves" has decided to continue production, with the part of Serina played by DeVia's understudy, Ima Bellevir. The proceeds from the opening night of this continuing production will be donated to the Fellowship's reward fund for anyone who can free DeVia from captivity. Prices for opening night begin at five gold pieces and range upwards to forty. Reserve your ticket today.

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