Stay tuned to this portion of the site for up to date information on the comings and goings of DeVia. Here you can find information in the following categories:


  1. DeVia's brief biography
  2. DeVia captured by enemy during war
  3. Petition to have DeVia declared the official Ravens Bluff recruitment image
  4. DeVia's Return to Ravens Bluff
  5. Where DeVia can be found
  6. Who is that Knight?
  7. Spokesmodel for the Ministry of Art
  8. Cover Girl for Steel Postings
  9. Dirkdancer-Darkstarr Wedding
  10. DeVia goes 3D
  11. DeVia's most famous dirks
  12. DeVia meets the Kinghts of the Dinner Table
  13. What a Doll?
  14. Where is our DeVia?
  15. Everything That I Ever Really Needed to Know, I Learned From DeVia Dirkdancer
  16. DeVia seen with head of the Living City
  17. Cover shoot for Playbard
  18. Heraldry, etc.