DeVia Returns

Recently, an official announcement was made through a representative of the Ravens Bluff City Watch that the noted dancer DeVia Dirkdancer has been returned to our fair city. Details of her captivity and rescue are sketchy, but DeVia seems to be generally unharmed, even if somewhat shaken by her experiences. DeVia was originally captured during undisclosed wartime activities, where she is rumored to have been a spy for our side in the conflict. In her captivity she was subjected to inhumane conditions, and it is evidently a strange twist of fate that has allowed for her relatively safe return.

While most captives during the war were forced to labor for the enemy in POW camps, the comely DeVia, a skilled and exotic entertainer, was eventually sold into slave captivity for the purposes of funding the enemy effort. Her journey thereafter saw her to the borders of far off Thar before she was resold to the agent of a otherworldly creature from a strange pocket dimension. There she toiled for an undisclosed amount of time under the mind warping powers of this beast. Coincidentally, it was a contingent of Ravens Bluff heroes that eventually rescued her and several other of Ravens Bluff's finest from this place. Thus she has been returned to our city to resume her previously glamourous life and to take her place in celebrity.

Much has changed in Ravens Bluff since her captivity, and DeVia has begun to make her come back by once again focusing on her dancing. The current role of Serina in Ekoj Atton's ballet ,"Court of Thieves," is still played by DeVia's former understudy, Ima Bellevir. DeVia herself is now rumored to be working on interpreting another of Atton's works. Another undisclosed source has implied that DeVia may reprise her original role of Serina in the closing night of "Court of Thieves" at the old Empyre Theatre. If this proves true, ticket prices for that performance may reach astronomical levels.

On another front, Godebo Lumpfish, DeVia's apparent agent, has proposed that a knighthood be started in her honor. Apparently several would be knights have already pledged their fealty to both DeVia and the City, bearing the device and demeanor of "Knights of the Dancing Dirk." DeVia declined to state what the full requirements for knighthood were, stating only that "true devotion is known only to the good. The very good." Evidently the order is rather selective in who can apply, and would be knights need to locate a sponsor to vouch for them to DeVia.

Another upcoming project related to DeVia is the forthcoming publication of a set of sequential etchings of the young dancer. Above, you can collect your own autographed copy of DeVia's first numbered series.

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