DeVIa Dirkdancer in chairWhere is that Dancer?

Famous both locally in Ravens Bluff and in Procampur, DeVia Dirkdancer has seemingly begun leading a rather reclusive life. Her once frequent appearances among the people of the city of Ravens have grown rarer since the announcement of the death of her husband of less than a year, Sir Askelon Darkstarr of Waterdeep. After settling Askelon's accounts with the noble houses of Waterdeep, it is reported that Ms. Dirkdancer pocketed a tidy sum from the sale of Castle Darkstarr before returning to Ravens Bluff, and to the life that she left behind.

Since DeVia's return, her anticipated public appearances have not quite met expectations. Uncharacteristically keeping her own council and often spending her evenings secluded in her tower apartment has fueled the rumors that she remains in mourning for her departed spouse. Have we grown so used to her tough and adventurous demeanor that we have forgotten that the lovely Dirkdancer feels the pains of loss as much as any other citizen of her native city?

Reports from the Guild of Bards are inconclusive as to just how many distraught fans have been writing letters to DeVia. Evidently pages have been dispatched on a daily basis to run satchels of writings to her tower. Whether these writings bring her cheer or not is a mystery, as their contents has been largely withheld from public eyes.

Recent reports hint that many of these missives have requested advice from the Lady of the Dancing Dirk, while others speculate that they mostly contain the encouragement of concerned well wishers. Perchance those who keep council with her would know better. Meanwhile her public waits in expectation of the return of her vigorous wit and exuberance for life.

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