DeVia Seen with a New Escort

For all the clamoring to share her precious little time, it would seem that Ravens Bluff's most eligible bachelorette would have a different escort every night. Lately, however, DeVia has been seen frequenting the Cross Roads Tavern most often on the arm of a single knight, Sir Askelon (the True). Has our favorite celebrity made her selection from her long line of suitors? Or is this just a brief fling? Only time will tell.


It seems that as of the printing of this article there has been a dramatic change in the reported relationship between DeVia and Askelon. Witnesses have seen the normally cheerful dancer in uncharacteristically despondent moods, while the normally attentive Askelon has been conspicuously absent. Rumors persist that any relationship the two of them may have had is now kaput, and that DeVia is taking the breakup rather hard. This final fact is evidenced by the dancer's sudden decision to redecorate her apartment (and the broken furniture she seems to be getting rid of).


It seems that the ever unpredictable DeVia has struck again. Is that Sir Askelon that we once again see escorting her? The two lovebirds seem to have made up or at least become civil. Only time will tell what sort of relationship has developed. But, when reporting on the ever mercurial DeVia, one thing is certain. All bets are off.


Well, you just cannot keep a good night down. It would appear that the news of Sir Askelon's untimely demise at the hands of the vicious Redeemers has been greatly exaggerated, or at least resurrected. When the stalwart Askelon and Warbridge of the Dancing Dirk were slain and their bodies were taken by the enemy, it seems another valiant contingent had to go in and reclaim their remains. Randalla, Glorianna, and Jacqueline saved the day and the knights by facing the vile Redeemers in their home territory.

Now for the real news. Upon their reuniting, Askelon reportedly "popped the question." Rumor has it that DeVia gave the nod "yes." Could it be? DeVia tamed by the stern visage of her knight protector?


He's down, no he's up... no he's down, no he's up... Oh, who the heck knows anymore?

They got married.

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