DeVia Frequents the Cross Roads Tavern

Recent DeVia sightings have been reported from patrons of the Cross Roads Tavern. She has most often been reported dancing with patrons of that establishment late on Friday evenings on into the early Saturday morning hours. Overall, however, her attendance there has been somewhat erratic and not confined to any single time frame.

Often accompanied by one or more of her knights, DeVia makes it a point to talk to her fans, and keep abreast of current affairs through conversation. Reportedly, DeVia has a rather voracious taste for dandelion wine, and keeps a case on hand at the bar there. Also, to celebrate her propensity to grace their establishment the bartending staff have named a new drink concoction after her. Just order a "DeVia," and they will know what you mean.

What's in a DeVia?

Begin by filling a glass 1/4 full with peach schnapps. Add to that a drop of honey, a pinch of cinnamon, and a splash of tobasco. Stir well. Finish by filling the rest of the glass with very dry sparkling white wine.

This drink has been described as being much like it's namesake: Intoxicating, sweet, spicy, hot and tart.

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