Ravens Bluff News

It has been reported that during recent undisclosed reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines that noted Ravens Bluff exotic dancer DeVia Dirkdancer was taken captive by enemy troops. Government officials have expressed their regrets, but refused to comment further, stating only that her capture was a matter of utmost military secrecy.

As a child of our fair city, for many DeVia has come to embody the true Ravens Bluffian spirit of hard toil and quick wit. A scholar of our traditional and interpretive dances herself, she will be missed by more than just the artistic community. Ever youthful DeVia even now symbolizes what we of the City of Ravens Bluff fight to protect, our culture and our children.

With this in mind, we the undersigned hereby petition the ruling body of this city (whoever may be fulfilling that role at the time) to make DeVia Dirkdancer the official recruitment poster image for the Ravens Bluff Military.

At DarkCon 3 the above petition was signed by a great deal of RPGA® members, and was sent to RPGA HQ along with the event scoring information.

Even more RPGA members signed it over the internet. now that Ravens Bluff has been destroyed, it seems to be a moot point.

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