Working together with the Ravens Bluff Historical archives, DeVia made a public display of some of her favorite dancing regalia. Here are then are those most precious and the rarest of her collection that were on display for the general public.

This round handled bodkin was DeVia's first dagger. Rumor has it that it was given to her by her first lover, but DeVia has kept quiet on this subject.

Many local citizens remember seeing her sporting this piece of high fashion cutlery shortly after she first began giving impromptu street performances accompanied by her sister, Raven.

These two decorative knives once belonged to Fitcher of the dock region. He reports that they ended up in DeVia's collection after her first public performance of Ekoj Atton's "Serina's Dance of the Dagger."

"She just up and asks me, 'can I borrow these?' and without so much as a 'by your leave' she snatches me knives and begins to all sorts of whiling and gyrating. Well, I'd of thought she'd at least have returned them afterward, but then the watch came and broke up the gathering crowd. I was lucky to leave without a bump on the noggin for my troubles."

DeVia is reported to have had this small blade designed to resemble a hair comb. Recently released prisoners of the Nevin Street Comptir have mentioned that there was once an exotic dancer that performed a private show in the warden's office. This knife/hair ornament is rumored to be part of that exotic prisoner's garb.

DeVia reportedly returned from one of her first distant forays with this oddly wrought tricorn blade. The style and sculptured handle are not typical of local weaponsmiths, and so it is believed that DeVia may have visited a place very far off to obtain this. When questioned about where she acquired the weapon, she just shrugged and indicated that she was spirited to a far away place by magical means. Although it has not radiated a magical aura, the blade may be extra dimensional in nature.

The knife below is reported to be a gift to DeVia from a visiting dignitary. During an early run of Ekoj Atton's "Court of Thieves" at the Ravens Bluff Playhouse, DeVia evidently caught the eye of some rather wealthy and powerful suitors. This blade was delivered to her dressing room along with several dozen Akara Love Blossoms and a rather cryptic note. Rumors abound that DeVia disappeared for several days thereafter, only to return with a lilt in her step and a grin on her face. Ima Bellevir, DeVia's understudy, has confirmed this, even if DeVia is typically silent on the matter.

This dagger is similar to DeVia's typical traveling weapons. This one in particular may have been the one she carried with her on her ill fated reconnaissance mission into the hills that ended with her years of captivity and servitude. This weapon was taken from an enemy captain during the war trials. DeVia has indicated that she is as sure as she can be that this blade was hers, but she does not specifically know how the soldier came by it.

This blade was not actually DeVia's but it was donated to this collection by a brave adventurer that wishes to remain anonymous. It is believed to have been carried by an extra dimensional being that held DeVia in captivity for several weeks prior to being dispatched by a band of stalwart patriots of our fair city.

Since neither the being, nor its dimension can be located, we have chosen to believe this adventurer's story. Having been powerless to free herself, and often in a state of confusion at the time of her rescue, DeVia can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this item.

This blade was originally on loan to DeVia from Sir Zzyx of the Order of the Dancing Dirk. It once had a magical dweomer upon it which gave it the rather unnerving ability to return to the person who throws it by slithering back to them along the ground much like a viper would. Unfortunately, that magical ability has since been permanently dispelled, and now it serves as nothing more than a decorative blade.


This handy blade was a gift from one of DeVia's cross dimensional acquaintances in the Cross Roads Tavern. She wore it as part of an armor ensemble for about a week before she tired of the rugged look.

Thor himself is rumored to have given this blade to DeVia. Of course, with so many claiming to be the thunder God, credentials are a bit difficult to verify.

DeVia describes the donor of this implement as an immature child in the guise of an adult. That does sound a lot like the Thor of legend.

This cruel blade was given to DeVia as a gift by a Red Wizard of Thay during her brief ambassadorial visit to that far away city. DeVia tells the story of how the Rulers there regarded her full head of raven black hair as an innate sign of weakness. When ridiculed at an embassy social gathering, DeVia accepted a challenge from one rather demeaning Red Wizard. While the particulars of the challenge are not up for discussion, the presence of that wizard's dagger here shows that DeVia won the stakes.

DeVia had this dragon dagger designed in Ravens Bluff especially as a matched set for gifts to the brides maids at her wedding. Used as part of the ceremony, Randalla, Morning Glory and Jacqueline are all supposed to have received one prior to the event. Each of the bridesmaid's blades were inscribed with a personal rune, making each a unique item itself. This dagger bears no such marking.

Attendees of the ceremony claim to have seen another blade of this sort wielded by a mysterious fourth bridesmaid thought to have been the avatar of Mystra herself.

DeVia received this odd blade as a wedding gift from a longtime adventuring companion of Sir Askelon. It caries a dancing blade dweomer which allows it to be wielded from a distance under certain conditions. Recent rumors suggest that DeVia plans to wield this implement in a future dance production.

DeVia often caries this blade to the Crossroads Tavern. It was given to her by Fugli Troll for the express purpose of aiding her in navigating that tavern's extra dimensional nature. Normally, those entering the tavern may only return to their dimension of origin. With the proper knowledge of its operation the wielder of this blade may select their own destination. No other magical properties of this blade are known.

This weapon was a gift to DeVia from the cast of "Court of Thieves." They presented it to her on closing night as a personal thank you for having the vision and ability to repopularize such an old and historical work.

The medusa grip was created by one of Ravens Bluff's finest foundries, and it is adorned with gold ornamentation. Primarily a display piece, this blade is definitely not balanced for throwing.

Here ends the current tour of DeVia's dirks. There will certainly be more blades made famous by DeVia in the future, come back any time to browse.

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