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The Five Gamers
Real Men, Thespians, Brains, Loonies, & Munchkins

Written by Bryant Berggren, with Erol K. Bayburt and Bryce Berggren. Adapted from Real Men, Real Roleplayers, Loonies, and Munchkins by Jeff Okamoto, Sandy Petersen, Perry Caro, Chris Guthrie, Rick Heli, Robert Allen, Ken Kaufman, et al.

Our Subjects

The Real Man
The tough macho type who walks up to the attacking dragon and orders it to leave before he gets hurt.
The Thespian
The melodramatic type who writes novel-length character histories and talks to every monster in the dungeon.
The Brain
The mad genius who actually manages to disarm the six skull trap.
The Loony
The wild & crazy guy who will do anything for a cheap laugh, including casting a fireball at ground zero.
The Munchkin
Need we say more?


On Real Men ...

On Thespians ...

On Brains ...

On Loonies ...

On Munchkins ...

General Information

Favorite Fantasy RPG

Favorite Science Fiction RPG

Favorite Horror/Occult RPG

Favorite Superheroic RPG

Favorite Post-Holocaust RPG

Favorite Cyberpunk RPG

Favorite Silly RPG

Favorite Generic System

Favorite Metaversal System

Favorite Kind of Elves

Favorite Kind of Dwarves

Favorite Kind of Orks

Favorite Food when Adventuring

Favorite Fantasy Author

Favorite Science Fiction Author

Favorite Anime Features

Favorite Gaming Magazine

Favorite (Mundie) Magazine

Favorite Bar to Hang Out In

Favorite Superhero

Favorite Modern Weapon

Favorite Modern Action Hero

Favorite Heartthrob / Sweetheart

Favorite Actor to play James Bond

Favorite Card Game

Favorite Music

Favorite Convention Activity

Favorite Type of Dice

Favorite Attack Style

Favorite Way to Die

Favorite Castle

Favorite TOON Character

Dungeons & Dragons

Capsule Opinion

Favorite Published Setting

Favorite Dungeon Activity

Favorite Melee Weapon

Favorite Thrown Weapon

Favorite Missile Weapon

Favorite Barroom Weapon

Favorite Improvised Thrown Weapons

Favorite Armor

Favorite Shield

Favorite Mundane Mount

Favorite Special Mount

Favorite Familiar

Favorite Specialist Mages

Favorite Wizard Spell

Favorite Priest Spell

Favorite Psionic Discipline

Favorite Alignment

Favorite Religious-type Character

Favorite Non-Human PC

Favorite Way of Extracting Information from the Goblins

Favorite Demon/Devil

Favorite Mythology

Favorite Norse Deity

Favorite Greek/Roman Deity

Favorite Forgotten Realms Deity

Favorite Greyhawk Deity

Favorite Miscellaneous Magic Item

Favorite Potion

Favorite Ring

Favorite Stick (Rod/Staff/Wand)

When they encounter a sleeping dragon ...

Favorite Town Activity

Science Fiction

Favorite Science Fiction Weapon

Favorite Method of Handling Aliens

Favorite Science Fiction Movie

Reason To Watch Star Wars

Favorite Method of Space Travel

Favorite Monster

Favorite Variant Human

Call of Cthulhu

Capsule Opinion

Favorite Skill

Favorite Spell

Favorite Monster

Favorite Type of Character to Play


Capsule Opinion

Favorite Service Group

Favorite Secret Society

Favorite Mutant Power

Favorite Weapon

Favorite Target

Favorite Mission


Capsule Opinion

Favorite Character Type

Favorite Power

Favorite Attribute

Favorite Skill

Favorite Talent

Favorite Perk

Favorite Disadvantage

Favorite Power Limitation

Favorite Villain to Face

Favorite Villain Team to Face

Tactics in Hostage Situations


Capsule Opinion

Favorite Advantages

Favorite Disadvantages

Favorite Skills

Favorite Spell

Favorite Supplement

Rewrite Most Wanted

Villains & Vigilantes

Capsule Opinion

Favorite Character Type

Favorite Power

Favorite Ability Score

Favorite Weakness

Favorite Battle Tactics

Favorite Combat Maneuver

Favorite Member of the Crushers

Favorite Member of the Crusaders

DC Heroes

Capsule Opinion

Favorite Attribute

Favorite Power

Favorite Multi-Purpose Power

Favorite Skill

Favorite Advantage

Favorite Drawback

Favorite Motivation

Favorite Subplot Type


Capsule Opinion

Favorite Archtype

Favorite Race

Favorite Gun

Favorite Melee Weapon

Favorite Cyberwear

Favorite Bioware

Favorite Spell

Favorite Lifestyle

Favorite Spirit

Favorite Critter

Favorite Activity


Capsule Opinion

Favorite (Human) O.C.C.

Favorite R.C.C.

Favorite Personal Weapon

Favorite Heavy Weapon

Favorite Transportation

Why they fight the Coalition

Favorite Geographic Zone

Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game

Capsule Opinion

Favorite Branch

Favorite Skill

Favorite Race

Favorite Original Series Character

Favorite Next Generation Character

Favorite Cliche

Favorite Gear


Capsule Opinion

Favorite Cosms

Usual Time to Spend a Possibility

Favorite Cards

Favorite Template (Core Earth)

Favorite Template (Orrorsh)

Favorite Template (Aysle)

Favorite Template (Nile Empire)

Favorite Template (Living Land)

Favorite Template (Nippon Tech)

Favorite Template (Space Gods)

Favorite Template (Tharkold)

Favorite Subplot Cards

And finally, the best characterization of the four types of gamers ...

How to Deal with a Dragon

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