by Fugli

Humor for Gamers?

The definition of the word 'gamer' seems to change with each decade. When I look it up on internet search engines, I tend to find a lot of video game sites. The word 'gaming' likewise leaves me dry with a flood of online casinos. Plain and simple, a gamer is a person who likes to play games. Traditionally thses have been board, card, pencil and paper, and role playing games (rpgs), but the definition expands to encompas all game genres.

Most internet gaming humor that I have stumbled across is of the video game variety. While I do not begrudge them their forum, most of it leaves me a little cold. I am obviously not in the know when it comes to that genre. I prefer humor in a more role playing game genre, and so I have gleaned a few treasures and posted them here.

Most of these files have been grabbed from various sources, and somewhere along the way credits have been stripped off of them. If I have a source or by line in my files, I have posted them as well. Otherwise, I don't know who or where they came from. If you don't get these jokes... chalk it up to rpg ignorance, and get on with your life.

  1. You might be a gamer if...
  2. Top Ten Lists
  3. Types of Game Masters
  4. Shit Happens!
  5. Types of Role Players
  6. It was a dark and stormy night.
  7. Some Last Words
  8. Some Amusing Anecdotes
  9. Plain Gags
  10. RPG Clichés
  11. I Gotta Game: an RPGA interactive KoDT script.
  12. The Five Gamers: Real Men, Thespians, Brains, Loonies, & Munchkins
  13. Murphy's Rules
  14. Munchkin Gamers
  15. Medieval Pick Up Lines
  16. Raven's Nunsuch: An interactive play.
  17. How I learned to Role Play with Call of C'thulhu

There are many other sources of rpg humor. My favorites are:

Knights of the Dinner Table
Dork Tower
The Officual Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide
Issendai no Su
Gamer Jargon