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SHIT Happens!

GURPS: You can represent shit with a bell curve.

Vampire: Shit happens. Oh, the angst!

Werewolf: Better shit than pollution!

Mage: Shit is relative; it's all in how you look at it.

Wraith: Shit doesn't happen, because that might leave a hook to hang a game around.

Castle Falkenstein: This shit is steaming.

AD&D: Shit is a copyright of TSR. You're not allowed to talk about it where more than two point seven people can hear, "or else". You'll have to get the Complete Defactation Handbook to find out how.

Over the Edge: What kind of weird shit is this?

Theatrix: Shit happens 'cause it's in the script.

Call of Cthulhu: Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

HOL: Everything is shit.

Psychosis: This shit ain't happening, man!

Magic: The Gathering: Our shit is worth more than your house.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle: Same shit, different name.

Ars Magica: Is that shit in paradigm? Better spend some time in the lab checking.

Everway: The physical of relief from solid waste expulsion urges happens.

Shadowrun: Dreck happens, then you frag it, chummer. ... or (1st ed.): shit happens, but nobody cares, because it can't penetrate your t-shirt.

Cyberpunk 2020: Shit happens, and we write corny songs about it. Say no to drugs.

Whispering Vault: Shit happens, usually by bursting through your eyes.

Nephilim: Shit happened, but not if I have anything to say about it.

Aria: Defectation and the Rites and minor Rituals invovled with Defecation and the subsequent Cleansing of the hands or body are important Aspects of a Milieu...

Mutant Chronicles: Bleak shit happens.

Earthdawn: Shit probabally happens, but the rules for it are in nine different sourcebooks, so I'm not sure.

Over the Edge: Shit happens. Sometimes you eat it.

Warhammer FRP: Shit happens. Check for possible chaos attributes.

Empire of the Petal Throne: Shit happens, but you need to learn another language to figure out how.

Rolemaster: E Shit Critical Tables, excerpted from Companion XVIII: Shit has happened, blinding the poor unfortunant permenantly, breaking both their arms, and stunning them for 27 rounds. They expire in a miserable heap 6 rounds later. Pity, that.

Dragonquest: Shit happens, see 20.4.3

Rifts: Oh yeah, my shit has more MDC than you do (it still doesn't do more than 3d6x10 though).

Dark Conspiracy: Shit happens, but you barely notice, since you're tougher than most armored cars.

Space 1889: Human excreta, by Jove! (Lady Elizabeth faints).

Aria: A member of the refush cluster with an aspect of gas emission (malodorous)

Paranoia: <This shit is not available at your security clearance, Citizen>

DC Heroes: This looks like a job for... Supershit.

Champions/Hero: 1D6 NND Stun-only area-effect physical energy blast (shit)

Pandemonium: "I want you to get a picture of that shit for the front page!"

Nexus: It was shit in Angel City...

Nightlife: Splattershit!

Amber: Shit happens, but tell us a story about it.

Aftermath: Shit happened, and it will provide 0.4 sustenance points or a 0.6 methane production capacity.

Sketch: Your drawing is shit.

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